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(IT-Series): IT Governance: Governance & Management of Enterprise IT, (4 Day Course):


Course Overview:

Information and related technology have become increasingly crucial in the sustainability, growth and management of value and risk in most enterprises. As a result, IT has moved from a support role to a central position within enterprises.

The enhanced role of IT for enterprise value creation and risk management has been accompanied by an increased emphasis on the Governance and Management of Enterprise IT (GEIT).

Enterprise stakeholders and the governing board wish to ensure that IT fulfills the goals of the enterprise. GEIT is an integral part of overall corporate governance. GEIT addresses the definition and implementation of processes, structures and relational mechanisms within the enterprise that enable business and IT staff to execute their responsibilities in support of creating or sustaining business value.

In this course you will learn and understand how to assess and evaluate an organization’s GEIT and make sure that IT is properly aligned with the business objectives.

COBIT 5 can help enterprises create optimal value from IT by maintaining a balance between realizing benefits, optimizing risk management and leveraging resources. The COBIT 5.0 addresses both business and IT functional areas and provides a governance, management and operational framework for enterprises of all sizes, whether commercial, not-for-profit or public sector.

Benefits of attending:
Course Participants will:

  • Gain a better understanding of how IT Governance is implemented in their organization.
  • Learn how to better align the business strategic goals with IT initiatives.
  • Learn how to determine and maximize the value of IT investments.
  • Learn how to perform an IT governance assessment using CoBIT 5.0.
  • Better understand the business drivers, business pain points, and trigger events that influence the need for business change.
  • Understand the relationship between the IT Governance domain areas: Strategic Alignment, Value Delivery, Risk Management, Resource Management and Performance Measurement.

Who Should Attend:

  • Vice Presidents, Directors, General Managers.
  • Chief Information Officers.
  • Chief Security Officers.
  • Chief Technology Officers.
  • Members of Audit Departments.
  • Heads of Management Information Systems, IT Business Enterprise IT Risk Management.

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