Effective Communication & Presentation Skills & Report Writing
Dubai - UAE

Workshop dates : TBA

Effective Communication & Presentation Skills & Report Writing (4 Day Course):
(This workshop consists of Two Parts)

Part 1: Effective Communication & Presentation Skills (Day 1 - Day 2):

Effective Communication & Presentation Skills™ is an experiential workshop that teaches participants to fully engage their audience by using professional communication and speaking skills. This program focuses on overcoming barriers to communication and using positive communication techniques along with structure, visual and vocals presentation skills.

Through a combination of instruction, demonstration and practice, participants finesse their communication and delivery skills. Instructor feedback after each presentation paves the way to greater mastery. By the end of the workshop, participants feel increased confidence and can deliver dynamic presentations to even the most challenging audiences with ease.

Part 2: Effective Report Writing (Day 3 - Day 4) :

Effective Report Writing™ is a dynamic training session that helps participants communicate better in professional business & report writing. Whether you write memos, reports, emails or promotional literature, your writing says a lot about you.

Focusing on key goals of saving time and improving the quality of business writing, this 2 day program includes instruction in a five step professional writing system which produces quality business documents. 

Participants will learn to apply fundamental principles used by professional writers to save time and enhance quality. This session teaches you to deliver professional business writing results for global audiences time and time again. 

By the end of the session, participants demonstrate greater competence in quickly starting and finishing business documents that are relevant, readable, and effective.

Who Should Attend:

  • Company Chairman & Directors.
  • VPs, GMs of Corporate Communications.
  • Heads & Managers of Advertising.
  • Business Development Managers.
  • Sales & Marketing Managers.
  • Media & Public Relations Managers.
  • HR Directors.
  • HR, Administrative & Support Staff.
  • Legal Counsels & Advisors.
  • Project & Line Managers.
  • Executives, Managers & Team Leaders.
  • Professionals who Write Business Documents.
  • Others who wish to develop their presentation skills

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